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Update April 21, 2014: Now that the first draft of Dating
an Alien Pop Star is done, I'm working on a sequel! No
rest for this writer!

Update April 19, 2014: Thank you so much to GoBank,
Dom Streater, Enigma Bookstore, Trish Wooldridge, Kim
Taton and Framingham State University for all the fun
craziness that's taken place in the last 3 weeks!

My adventures are too numerous to recount, but you
can read about the Enigma Bookstore event over on
April's blog, and about my GoBank shopping trip on my
fashion blog.

If you haven't picked up a copy of my new book,
GEMINIS AND PAST LIVES, you can get it on amazon in
paperback or for kindle!

Update March 5, 2014: It's officially Day 1 of
#InanimateObjectsBirthday ! To celebrate, we have an
incredible short story written by Ginny Lurcock. Read,
and feel free to tweet about it with the hashtag
@InanimateObjectsBirthday Throughout the month of
March, we'll have lots of other cool Inanimate Objects
goodies. Look forward to hearing from you on twitter!

Update March 3rd, 2014: I'm hard at work on "Dating an
Alien Pop Star", a sci fi comedy.

Dating an Alien Pop Star is a sexy rom-com about Griffin
and Dev, two aliens from a politically and
environmentally troubled planet who come to our world
with very little knowledge about our ways other than
what they learned from a wayward E! News signal. Their
mission is to pretend to be the most influential people on
our planet-- English pop stars, of course!--and gain the
help of a powerful secret society. Upon arriving, they
'abduct' Daisy Kirkwood, a nerdy young woman who
loves music and could use a bit of help in the love life
department. Together they have to face murderous
aliens, cultural misunderstandings, bad backup
musicians, and the dark side of fame and media, all set
against a tight deadline...

Are you following my
fashion blog yet? Follow it for
interviews with fashion professionals, pictures and much

Currently, I'm also putting together a special blog tour
for Inanimate Objects' second birthday. If you have a
blog or tumblr page and would like to take part, check
out the
official 2nd birthday page!

Update January 11, 2014: A long break in updates,
which I apologize for, but a lot has taken place over the
last few months. If you haven't listened to my interviews
over on
my youtube channel, you should. Lots of great
stuff there, including interviews with many of your
favorite Project Runway designers.

Have you read Inanimate Objects yet? My dark debut is
filled with muses, artists and magic, all set against the
decadent backdrop of a London underground that is in
turns lush and dirty. It's available in paperback and also
for kindle. Links are over there in the right sidebar!

Meantime, I've written a few more pieces for my
upcoming poetry and short story collection and am busy
sending The Unlove Spell out to agents and publishers.
I'm also trying to raise money to pay back the large loan
I had to take out for the sinus surgery I had over the
summer, so check out
this fundraiser in case there's
anything of mine you'd like to buy! Earrings, ebooks,
and even an unreleased book! Thank you, thank you.

Update October 15, 2013: Thank you so much to
everyone who stopped by to see me at NYCC! It was a
lovely time.

I'm broken hearted to have to leave NYC, but also
buzzing with inspiration from everything I saw, did, heard
and experienced. SoHo, Chelsea, Williamsburg, the
West Village...What a beautiful, tiring, magnificent city.

Update October 8, 2013: I will be at NYCC on October
11, at booth 1058! Spence City, my publisher, will
launch my book there from 1pm onwards, so come meet
me, take pics, buy a copy, get it signed, and win cool
things (coffee mugs, Starbucks giftcards, candy and

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped Death and
Mr. Right to SELL OUT on Amazon on its release day.
I'm amazed by all of you! You can buy the book now on
Amazon, in paperback or for your kindle.

If your local bookstore doesn't have a copy of Death
and Mr. Right on its shelves yet, please consider asking
them to order one. Remember- whoever sends me a
photo of the book in a bookstore FIRST will receive a
D&MR coffee mug and $10 Starbucks giftcard.

I'll make a mini-documentary of the NYCC trip, so keep
an eye out for that as well.

Update September 24, 2013: Tweet, instagram or email
me a picture of you with a copy of Death and Mr. Right
between October 1st and the 31st, and I will include
your photo and a link of your choice on my website.
Simply tag me ( @kendrybird on twitter and
@kendralsaunders on instagram) with the picture and
link you'd like me to put up! Extra points if the book is in
a bookstore somewhere.

A few things YOU can do to help make Death and Mr.
Right be a crazy, funny indie success... You can call or
visit your local bookstore and ask them to order a copy
of the book, you can post about the book on your tumblr
or twitter, you can review the book on amazon, you can
tweet me ( @kendrybird ) with the hashtag
#deathandmrright , you can take a picture of yourself
with the book and tweet it or instagram it with the
#deathandmrright tag, like the facebook page, or add it
to your
TBR pile on goodreads.

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